Our story began in the emergency room…

The Nightingale Benefits Program originated as a direct result of a medical emergency that landed me in the hospital and into surgery in January of 2017. As I was being rolled into the operating room I made a deal with myself— if I came out of this ok, I would do something to give back to the medical community.

Crazy thoughts like mowing nurse’s lawns (I’m too old) or painting their houses (I’m way too old) crossed my mind. Then it became clear that the best way I could help would be with what I do every day….mortgages! And, I happen to be good at it.

Within 3 days of surgery I started working on this project with American Dream Mortgage. After a couple months of working out the details, Nightingale Benefits became a reality.

Why it’s successful

By enlisting the help of a small number of like-minded Real Estate Agents, we have come up with a quantifiable way to save you a significant amount of money. Nightingale Benefits helps medical professionals by covering most, if not all of the closing costs associated with purchasing or refinancing a home. This is in large part made possible by the generous contributions of our Real Estate Agent partners.

Hand-Selected Participants

We’ve hand-selected the most seasoned professionals in the real estate and mortgage industry to bring you the highest quality customer service and products. Take a moment to meet our team and then contact us so we can explain the Nightingale Benefits Program and your options.


Tim Brannon

NMLS 302651 | Mortgage Banker

Nightingale Benefits
Founder & Executive Director

About Tim

Starting in 2017, I became the primary force behind the concept of Nightingale Benefits. The idea behind this was a direct result of a medical emergency. It has evolved into a wonderful way for us to give back to the medical community, especially nurses, for all the amazing work they do.

My goal is to provide the people of Colorado, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Nevada, New Mexico, South Carolina, & Texas with the best home financing available to suit their needs. I do not work for a bank. I work for my customers. I know that each of my clients will receive the best possible advice and direction to achieve their mortgage objectives. We strive to remove the mystery that shrouds the mortgage process, and show our clientele a clear path to a successful resolution. I am lucky enough to be surrounded by experts and professionals in every facet of the mortgage business. With their invaluable help, deals get done. Mortgage rules seemingly change every other day. Consequently, doing a mortgage is a team sport. I am on a great team.

As an amateur historian, Denver is an exceptional place to live. I have led tours through downtown Denver and Riverside Cemetery. The wild west truly occurred right here. While there are select few buildings still standing from the 1860’s and 70’s, the selection increases dramatically from the 1880’s and 1890’s. I will regularly be adding pictures and stories about some of these structures, so please check back regularly if you like Denver history.


Kurt Schroeder, MSN, RN

NMLS 1774598 | Mortgage Banker

About Kurt

A Registered Nurse since 1995, Kurt Schroeder specializes in providing home mortgages for Nurses and other Medical Professionals.

As a licensed Mortgage Loan Originator, Kurt provides Nurses with funding to purchase Condos, Townhomes, and Single-Family Homes. Kurt also provides refinance loans for homeowners.

When asked why he got into the mortgage business Kurt responded, “When I heard about the Nightingale Program and how it can help Nurses, PTs, OTs, EMTs, and other Medical Professionals, I really wanted to get involved. I have over four years of experience in financial services and providing mortgages for Nurses was a logical evolution for me personally. I want every Nurse in Colorado to learn about the Nightingale Program and the tremendous benefits the program provides”.

Kurt holds a Master’s Degree in Nursing with a concentration in Education. Kurt’s wife Naima is also a Registered Nurse and they have a teenaged son named Zack.

“If you are a Nurse and thinking about purchasing a home, refinancing a home, or just want to talk about the process of buying a home, please call me at #720-298-2674. I love helping fellow healthcare professionals and I look forward to talking with you soon”.

Nancy Allen Headshot(background)

Nancy Allen

NMLS 233897 | Mortgage Advisor

Arizona Mortgage Advisor

About Nancy

Nancy Allen started in the mortgage business in 1991. The first 23 years, as a loan officer for a mortgage broker. With American Dream Mortgage, a direct lender to Fannie Mae, Freddie MAC, FHA and VA; loan are approved faster and with less hassle. Educating and doing the right thing for the borrower is Nancy’s formula for success.

Nancy grew up in New Jersey, went to college in New York City and moved to Phoenix in 1983. She married John Allen in 1984. They have 1 son, John Allen III. In her spare time, she likes to cook, bake and garden.


Veronica Rivera, CMPS

NMLS 1490095 | Hablo Español

(303) 204-0541

About Veronica

I began my mortgage career in 1997. Being a Certified Mortgage Specialist allows me the opportunity to meet and work with so many great people. In conjunction with the amazing support team at American Dream Mortgage, my goal is to provide optimal mortgage options and solutions for my clients. The experience of having worked in various capacities in the mortgage business has given me a thorough understanding of the mortgage process. I am bilingual with a background in simultaneous Spanish language medical interpreting.

I moved to the Denver Metro area in the early 1990s and have two beautiful daughters. When I’m not working or wearing my softball mom hat, you can find me on the Pickleball courts!