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The Doctor Is In: 910 Gaylord Street, Denver CO

Built in 1922 for a price of $30,000, this beautiful Beaux Arts design was commissioned by Dr. James J. Waring and his wife Ruth.  Dr. Waring was a prominent physician as well as chairman of the Department of Medicine at the University of Colorado’s School of Medicine. Ruth was the daughter of Henry M. Porter, founder of Porter Memorial Hospital. They lived there from 1922 to 1953. Most recent sale of this 7,561 square foot beauty was in September of 2007. Sales price was $4,250,000. Original architect was Jules J. Benedict. A Classic in every sense of the word. This home can be found on the south side of Denver’s Botanic Gardens. Don’t forget Nightingale Benefits for your real estate needs.

Update— as of February 2018, the beautiful property at 910 Gaylord St., having undergone a massive rehab and modernization, is again for sale. Asking price is $5,850,000.

Source: https://www.5280.com/2018/03/hot-property-a-historic-house-on-the-gardens/ By Rebecca Olgeirson

Denver’s First Hospital

Late in 1859, about 2 years before the government of the Colorado Territory was fully established, Dr. Drake McDowell recognized the need for a hospital in Denver, chiefly for the purpose of affording better facilities for treating cases of injury by accident. He brought this to the attention of the Directors of the Denver City Town Company, who were managing the general affairs of the part of pioneer Denver that was situated on the eastward side of Cherry Creek.

On December 26th 1859, they “resolved” on motion of Richard E. Whitsitt, the Company’s Secretary, to wait on Dr. McDowell in relation to City Hospital. Mr. Whitsitt is a colorful figure who was part of General Larimer’s original party that settled Denver. He was involved in a duel near the current site of Denver Health. His opponent in that fight was shot in a delicate part of his anatomy, yet was able to recover. Undoubtedly due to good medical care. He later challenged Henry Brown, founder of the Brown Palace, to a duel over the land that our State Capitol currently sits on.

Though the written history is a bit murky, the first hospital location is reported to be a log cabin near what is now 7th and Lawrence on the Auraria Campus.

In mid-June 1860, a City Hospital opened near Wazee and 16th St. in Denver. This happened to coincide with the first recorded smallpox outbreak. In an advertisement of the hospital it was said that “competent nurses have been secured.” The Rocky Mountain News (June 20, 1860) “The City Hospital is a new institution that deserves assistance and encouragement of every good citizen. It’s projectors deserve the highest praise and unbound success.” This hospital began under the direction of Dr. J.F. Hamilton and Dr. O.D. Cass.

Unfortunately. Denver’s City Hospital closed in late November 1860 after Drs. Cass and Hamilton decided to go their own ways. Cass went into business with his brother. When the Civil War broke out in Spring of 1861, Dr. Hamilton joined the 1st Colorado Volunteer Infantry.

William H. Bennett, the warden of City Hospital, quickly opened the Hotel for Invalids, which may have been Denver’s first tuberculosis sanatorium at the same location.

In May of 1873 Dr. John Eisner opened the new Arapahoe County Poor House and Almshouse, which was also Denver’s hospital, admitting 189 patients during its first year. The new facility was on the corner of 8th and Cheyenne (which became Cherokee), the eventual location of Denver General Hospital, which became todays Denver Health Medical Center.

In that same year of 1873, the Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth founded St. Joseph Hospital. This was the first private teaching hospital in Colorado.

From that year on, medical treatment in Denver has always been something special. Something that makes us, the citizens, very grateful.

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Denver General Hospital, circa 1910

Photo Source: https://lincolnparkhistory.com/la-alma-lincoln-park-timeline/denver-general-hospital-approx-1910/